Scuola di Bollicine

Sparkling wine school

Sparkling wines have always had an undeniable charm. Served in glasses that can highlight their most mysterious and magical aspect, their bubbles, they make any occasion one to celebrate.

There are various fascinating aspects of sparkling wine. Among those on which we focus in particular is effervescence, the continuous and joyful explosion of bubbles.

Come with us to discover this sparkling world.

The Art of Tasting

Like other visual characteristics of wines, such as color and clarity, the steady flow of bubbles of carbon dioxide is a component that satisfies one of our senses that are involved in the appreciation of wines: that of sight.

Scuola di bollicine

Sparkling wine dictionary

The World of Bubbles has developed its own vocabulary, born between rows and cellars and developed with the Italian and international wine culture.

Awards and Accolades

Quality of Cantine Maschio products was in the years recognized and certified by prestigious certificates of excellence.

Premi e riconoscimenti

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