History and Innovation

History is written taking steps forward, with the awareness of one’s own origins. This is a clear and inspiring principle in Cantine Maschio. Respect for tradition is the strength that supports a respectful and careful work carried out in the vineyards as well as in the winery; but it is also a look into the future that points the way ahead.


Our history

From the foothills of the Dolomites to the Venetian coast, the vine has found a perfect environment in the region of Veneto, where it has been cultivated – indeed, celebrated – for over 3,000 years. That is why we are not only talking about tradition: we are talking about history.
And this is where Cantine Maschio steps in. A brand that renews a passion for wine that marks out a special region.
The peculiar history of Cantine Maschio began in 1973, when Bonaventura Maschio turned his family’s century-old distillery into a winery with cutting-edge technology and production processes, surprisingly avant-garde for the time.
Over the decades, Cantine Maschio has gained the role of main player in the sector, producing iconic wines such as the Frizzanti IGT (semi-sparkling wines) or the 20 cl mini Prosecco. Prosecco and other sparkling wines have then expanded the product offer representing all the strength of the Veneto region in a rich range full of
charm and quality.



Each Cantine Maschio bottle perfectly combines know-how, tradition, experience, creativity and a vision full of perspectives with the aim of surprising and gratifying wine lovers, sip after sip, thanks to the quality of its wine.
Because only our customers are the real test of our ability to innovate.

Our daily commitment translates therefore into a constant enhancement of production techniques. Examples are the cold extraction method, to accentuate the natural aroma of our grapes, or maintaining the must at low temperatures to preserve the aromatic content that will then be released in the sparkling process. Not to mention the search for new balances between sugar dosage and combination of yeasts.
Are you ready to enjoy the result of all this with your favourite Cantine Maschio wine?

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