Imbottigliamento vino

Making wines bubbly, and bottling

In contrast to the sparkling wines obtained by the Metodo Classico and the Charmat method, which involve a second fermentation of the must, Cantine Maschio just carries out a single alcoholic fermentation, in order to maintain as far as possible the freshness, aromas and natural fruitiness of the grape must.

The result is a wine with an extremely low sulfur dioxide content and with an enhanced lightness of flavor, which makes it very attractive and easy to drink.

How are such unique wines obtained?

Everything starts with the must, which is obtained by a soft pressing of the grapes. Only the must from the first pressing, the “mosto fiore” or free-run juice, is used. This can be compared to the production of extra-virgin olive oil.

Careful attention must be paid to the “mosto fiore”: it is authentic grape juice, and therefore a natural product that is fresh and very delicate. It should not come into contact with oxygen because the sugars would oxidize and this would lead to the loss of valuable aromatic components.

It is therefore allowed to clear for 12 hours at a controlled temperature of 2° C; yeast from the Conegliano area is then added to start the alcoholic fermentation.

The process of making the wine bubbly is carried out in pressurized tanks, and lasts for about 4 weeks. After cold stabilization, it is bottled and ready to be drunk.

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