The sparkling process and bottling

The quality of a wine is achieved with care, attention and the ability to innovate. Cantine Maschio has developed production practices that make the sparkling and semi-sparkling wines unique around the world.
Follow us on this journey through the winery to discover the recipe for success.


Unlike Traditional Method sparkling wines and traditional Charmat Method sparkling wines, Cantine Maschio adopts a particular technique. There is an iron rule in our winery: to store musts, in order to have them available all-year-round, as this is the only way to fully preserve the freshness and fragrance of the grape juice. The result is a wine with a very low sulphur dioxide content and with greater lightness in taste, hence more pleasant and drinkable.

But how do we get to create such unique wines?

Everything starts from the must, which is obtained with a soft extraction from the grapes. Only the must from the first pressing is collected, the so called ‘free-run must’, a bit like what happens with extra virgin olive.

The must requires special care: it is actual grape juice, therefore a natural, fresh and very delicate product. It must not come into contact with oxygen because sugars would oxidate and precious aromatic components would be lost. The must is left to settle for 12 hours at a controlled temperature of 2°C.

This way, our winemakers have a base of great organoleptic value at their disposal for the sparkling phase. Therefore, after the wine base is subjected to the first fermentation, the must is added. It is only after this phase that the second fermentation is carried out.

The sparkling process in autoclave lasts about 4 weeks. After cold stabilization, the wine is bottled and is ready to be tasted.

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