This is the production zone for Prosecco, the best known and best loved wine of the Veneto.

The wine from Valdobbiadene has, in the course of time, won over even the most refined connoisseurs, thanks to its extraordinary advances in quality.

In the land of ValdobbiadeneProsecco is a veritable religion that is celebrated in the hills, in the cellars and in everyday life, with the ritual of drinking a glass together whenever friends meet.

And Prosecco’s high holy places are its crus: the Rive, micro-zones in which, from hillside to hillside, the exposure to the sun, the inclination of the slope, the age of the vines, the type of soil and the micro-climate change. So every Riva creates a different wine with regard to body, aroma and acidity.

The wineries of Valdobbiadene have played a key role in the development of the production and popularity of Prosecco, creating a style of consumption that is contemporary, informal and lively. Just like the effervescent wines they produce.