Learning About Bubbly Wines

Choosing one of Cantine Maschio’s sparkling wines is just the first step in rounding out your special moments.
Then find out how to master the tasting techniques and enhance the original taste of each bubble.
Fully savouring a wine is an art, with its rituals and its dictionary.
And Cantine Maschio is here to offer you the secrets of this world. From the sparkling processes to the ways of serving, also exploring the most innovative pairings.

Scuola di bollicine

The Art of Tasting

Think about your last glass of sparkling wine: do you think you really enjoyed it?
Appreciating a sparkling wine means understanding the sparkling process and the serving temperature, observing the mousse and the colours, recognizing the notes that identify its bouquet and taste.
Take your tasting experience to the next level with our tips.

Nahaufnahme von Champagner im Glas

Sparkling wine dictionary

The Italian and international wine culture has developed a broad and precise nomenclature for the world of bubbles: a dictionary born between the rows and the cellars, with which you can finally enrich your tasting
Help spread the language of sparkling wine, from A to Z.


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