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“There are many things in life that catch the eye, but only a few catch your heart: pursue those!”






Sparkling Maschio Moments: Maschio frizzante moment.

Starring the Maschio Frizzanti, with Pinot Rosa, and Chardonnay, while the sparkling wine was Vintage Prosecco Valdobbiadene.

A dream come true: color, excitement and a devil-may-care atmosphere surround the young protagonists. Filmed on the sunny, seemingly never-ending beaches of the Balearic Islands, playing with the colors of our semi-sparkling and sparkling wines.

2010-spot e campagne


“The Moment” takes center stage once again: an enchanted gaze and our Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. are the protagonists of Maschio’s new campaign in 2010.

Timeless atmosphere and real emotions were in fact captured at the Cafe Pedrocchi in Padua, a historic landmark of that city.

Spot e campagne


2007-08-09-spot e campagne

MASCHIO 2007 2008 2009

Maschio in the moment: our semi-sparkling (frizzante) wine teams up with the Aterballetto dance company. Maschio once again creates an elegant fusion with innovative and contemporary art forms.

A moment of convivial relaxation among the internationally renowned dancers of Aterballetto with Maschio wines, shown together during the rehearsals for a show.

Three Country subjects: Pinot RosaVerduzzo and Chardonnay are featured in a sparkling and harmonious atmosphere.

Spot e campagne 2006


The 2006 campaign features a group of artists, always caught in a moment of relaxation and spontaneity.
There are three main characters: a pianist, a violinist and a dancer.
The sun fills the scene and the theater is still empty: the last rehersal before the show has just finished.

A mixture of sensuality and energy permeates the pages, sparkling and intense as the protagonists.
The moment is carefree and joyful, light and fun.

2005-spot e campagne
Spot e campagne 2005


Maschio in the moment, Painter & Musician.
The Maschio style is given great strength by a context of quality and contemporary elegance.

Maschio associates itself with art forms through the representation of a woman, interpreted by an intriguing painter who is fascinated by her work, and that of a man, a musician caught in a moment of creative composition.

Moments of intimacy linked to a common passion for a good glass of wine.

Spot e campagne 2004


Maschio in the moment: the moment is that of Maschio’s frizzante wines new packaging.

Art becomes a testimonial for Maschio’s wines, inspired by young contemporary artists who show their ideas through installations, authentic works created for Maschio by designer Alberto Zattin.

Spot e campagne 2003


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