Cantine Maschio

Our winery

Welcome to the world of Cantine Maschio, homeplace of great wines and intense emotions.
Let yourself be charmed by the secrets of production of our sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, between centuries-old traditions and the most advanced production methods. Because true wine lovers are well aware that the quality of a wine should not be judged only in the glass, but by getting to know the entire production chain: from the vineyard to bottling, through a careful and passionate work. It’s not just about wine, it’s about the most fascinating Italian winemaking culture.


History and innovation

Tradition and perspectives, know-how and creativity, past and future.

Many claim to combine great culture and tradition with cutting-edge ideas.
And then, there are those who prove it, sip after sip. Like Cantine Maschio.


Grape varieties

Wine-growing is where it all starts from. Cantine Maschio makes wines from the best Italian and Venetian native grape varieties as well as from renowned international vines. A distinctive ecosystem, where our winegrowers bring out the best of Glera, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Noir, Traminer, Verduzzo.


Sparkling process and bottling

During these delicate phases Cantine Maschio faces the challenge to provide its wines with the freshness, the aroma and the natural fruitiness coming from the flower must. Unlike Traditional Method sparkling wines and traditional Charmat Method sparkling wines, for which a second fermentation of the must is involved, Cantine Maschio employs a different procedure, peculiar to our winery. The only way to fully preserve the freshness and fragrance of the grape juice is to store the musts, so that they are available all-year-round. This way, we have a base of great organoleptic value to be processed for the sparkling phase. It is only after the first fermentation of the base wine that the must is added for the second fermentation. And the difference can be told straightway, at the first sip.


Awards and Acnowledgements

Quality always pays off. This is the cornerstone of the entire Cantine Maschio wine offer. Check out our achievements and the prestigious certificates of excellence that Cantine Maschio wines have been awarded over the years.


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