Cantine Maschio

Cantine Maschio

Cantine Maschio’s production technique has always been to work with must and not with wine, using special temperature-controlled tanks and following a process that maintains the quality of the product.

Bottle after bottle of semi-sparkling (frizzante) and sparkling (spumanti) wines are created.

Tasting the wines of Cantine Maschio winery means taking a journey into the fascinating wine culture of the Veneto.

History and Tradition

The roots of Cantine Maschio’s passion for wine are as old as the vines on the Veneto’s hills.

The story began in 1973


Grape Varieties

In Cantine Maschio’s wines we find some of Italy’s the most important grape varieties.


Innovation has always been part of wine’s history: every grower and every winemaker has always tried to improve his performance, year after year.

Innovazione nel vino
La Cantina

Making wine bubbly and bottling

In contrast to the sparkling wines obtained by the Metodo Classico and the Charmat method, which involve a second fermentation of the must, Cantine Maschio just carries out a single alcoholic fermentation

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