Wine dictionary

Refrigeration: lowering (generally to between 0 and -4° C) the temperature of a wine to facilitate precipitation of tartrates and temporarily ensure the microbiological stability of a wine

Remuage or riddling: a practice used in the production of Classic Method sparkling wines. The bottles are rotated by about one-eighth of a turn (by hand or with appropriate machinery) in order to slowly precipitate deposits into the crown cap on the bottle, prior to removing by means of the process of disgorgement

Residual sugar: sugar that remains in the finished wine after it has finished undergoing fermentation. Indications of the residual sugar content in sparkling wines: Brut Nature (Pas Dosé) <3 g/l, Extra Brut 0 to 6 g/l, Brut <12 g/l, Extra Dry 12 to 17 g/l, Sec or Dry 17 to 32 g/l, Demi-Sec 32 to 50 g/l, Doux> 50 g/l

Indications of the residual sugar content in semi-sparkling wines: Dry from 0 to 15 g/l, Semi-dry from 12 to 35 g/l, Semi-sweet from 30 to 50 g/l, Sweet > 45 g/l

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